About Break Out Myrtle Beach

Break Out Myrtle Beach is an escape room business and the ultimate destination for interactive adventure. Our six themed rooms create thrilling escape room experiences that offer a unique way to test your wits and teamwork under pressure. Our company was founded by a group of passionate game enthusiasts who wanted to cater to the adventure needs of families, groups, and corporate teams.

At Break Out Myrtle Beach, we lead in entertainment by creating some of the most immersive escape rooms that combine creativity, safety, and excitement. Our rooms provide a thrilling experience whether you’re looking to solve puzzles to escape a serial killer’s lair or to unravel the mystery of a zombie outbreak. We challenge your logic and teamwork skills.


Each of our rooms offers 45- 60 minutes of intense gameplay. We familiarize the players with the storyline the moment they step in and give detailed briefings to ensure you have all the necessary information to navigate and solve each room’s challenges effectively.

We offer specially curated experiences that people of all ages can enjoy. Our family-friendly rooms provide engaging puzzles and mysteries for younger participants, making the experience enjoyable for children and adults alike.

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Our Escape Rooms

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Escape the Serial Killer

You’re trapped in Chainsaw Chuck’s home, and you must get past his traps and escape before he returns home.

CSI-2 Myrtle Murderer

You’re trapped in Chainsaw Chuck’s home, and you must get past his traps and escape before he returns home.

Red Beard’s Revenge

You have sixty minutes tops to find Black Beard’s treasure and escape, or else you’ll walk the plank.

The Curse of Volcano Island

You’re on a mysterious and beautiful island with odd carvings and symbols. You must break its curse before it’s too late.

Zombie Outbreak

Your hope for survival is to navigate through a research facility overrun by zombies before they breach the barricade.

The Cannibal Collector

As a team, you must solve clues to escape the clutches of the Cannibal Collector, who harvests limbs and internal organs.

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