If you want to find the way out, you must test your mind!

Are you smart enough to escape in time? Prove it!

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Four rooms, four unique play styles. Every room of ours provides you with challenges and fun. Our concept is made for all ages and groups. We designed our puzzles for intense cooperation to inspire people to work together. In every room of ours you will face a series of challenges that you must solve within 60 minutes. Think you can do it?!

Red Beard's Revenge

You and your pirate crew will race against time to find Black Beards hidden treasure. You'll need to work together to get past the traps and tricks that Black Beard and his men have strategically placed to protect it. You already have the map but you won't find the spot marked X if you miss any steps or clues along the way.

Serial Killer

You are in a hostage situation - trying to find clues in order to escape the serial killer's home. He's testing your basic knowledge to see if you're smart enough to survive. You have 60 minutes to find your way out..or perish!

CSI Myrtle Beach

You and your CSI team must hurry to find the clues and solve the case of the Myrtle Murderer. He has alerted the press that he will strike again in one hour and the city is in a panic. You must save the day by working together and finding the clues to uncover his identity. Hurry, time is not on your side!  

The Cannibal Collector

19. That is the number of people now missing in what has been a terrible week for all families in town. Concerns rise as volunteers from all over are doing their best to track down those innocent missing souls. Morale is at it’s lowest, as it has now been revealed that one entire search and rescue squad has gone missing. YOU are that search squad. You’ve followed all of the right leads and have fallen right into his trap. It’s become painfully clear why you haven’t found anyone… Because the kidnapper is a deranged cannibal! Stripped of your phones, you need to find a way to alert the authorities of your whereabouts, before Cannibal Collector returns for dinner, with you on the menu.

Undead Outbreak

An outbreak of a devastating virus has ravaged Charleston county, transforming infected humans into brain-eating zombies. Your brain is on the menu. Can you use it to escape before time runs out?  

The Curse of Volcano Island

On your way to a tropical vacation the plane crashes and you and your group are lost at sea. Luckily, everyone survives the crash and manages to make it to a life boat. For a while you drift aimlessly but eventually you spot an island in the distance. The pilot is sure someone will be coming to rescue you soon so it’s decided to take shelter on the island until help arrives.

Escape if you can

Find clues, give answers and find your way out! Discover what lies beyond your wildest imagination and escape from our fun! Your best shot is relying on your teammates.

Perfect for Who?


Companies And Events

Company events and regular team building occasions can be effective, but they are often boring and pointless activities. If you want to experience an exciting and fun way to create bonds with your colleagues and learn the art of teamwork, Break Out games is for you! Our rooms are filled with puzzles and brain-wracking riddles offering your team rewarding challenges and lasting memories.


Friends And Families

Spending a night in a bar with your friends or playing board games with your family can be super fun, but why don't you bring the game to the next level? In Break Out Games' awesome rooms you will find plenty of fun, joy, unique and rewarding experiences that will strengthen the bonds that bring you together. We're offering you memories that will last forever. 


Tourists And Travelers

After seeing the sights of our beautiful city and sitting in every bar and restaurant that deserves attention, you will realize that your journey has just been started! Mark our place on your map as the next step of your holiday route, because your greatest adventure awaits in our rooms!

Escape if you can

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You've got to think to get outside. Are you and your teammates brave enough to get locked in our rooms and attempt to solve the puzzles?